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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do you think Real estate price are sky-rocketing in India and become again unreal? If so, Can we do something?

Real estate prices are again at high. The money you and me put in banks as FD, Banks used that to land to Bhu-Mafias. And this is how they survived and did not lowered the price to sustain. They can have volume and can do the business, but they want Hen itself rather an Egg each day. Actually recession ended too early, otherwise the entire existence of these Mafias must have gone to an end. I am not against this business, but there should be limit of margin and every business must run on ethics.

So the million dollar question is: What we can do or Can we do something at all? Well, let me tell you what I am doing. I am waiting for prices to correct or more precisely I am waiting for a value deal. What else, humm, I am talking to you guys, many friends and other people. And until I found that They too are agree: until this bond of Netas + Mafias + Gundas will break, we will not get real prices of real estate. So answer to question lies on whether this bond will break.

So another option is we can spread message amongst ourselves about this. May be we can have better Ideas too. If you have one then why not to start!  Something like "Jago Re" Advertisement.( hey, this Ad again from Tata tea, a Jem in empire of the Great Ratan Tata and I simple love him and Parsis as community. Why I admire them, You can find the reason which I gave in a comment to a blog. Check comment at end of this blog)

So we can spread awareness and we can support at least morally, people who are doing business with ethics.

What else?, Do Share your view.

The reason I shared my view on real estate is, I came across a latest posting on blog by Motilal Oswal where I shared my concerns with him about Real Estate stocks and their  business ethics. You too can enjoy his words of wisdom at:

Thats it for today.

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  1. I guess ...more than any one its politicas as u said "Netas" are the root cause of such type of problems.....they are the reason for recession and reason for inflation...reason for increase in real estate price..Not much to do with mafia's.......Excuse me ..before ur toughts jumb into conclusion....im not favouring mafia's or don....just trying to highlight politicians.....N yes not to forget mafia+don= netas...


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