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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Be the change you want to see!

Every day on Face book we share Nice messages, motivational quotes, Morale Value lectures apart from Which undergarments we wore today, what we eat n drink, with which celebrity we has a pose with, office cabin photo with some whiteman etc....Its Okay..Nothing bad/wrong, its social sites..But then lets do not share Values and principles we ourselves do not follow. Or if we share them Lets follow them..
5 months have passed, and I am still not able to decide my new year resolution. I decided few days back.."ACT NOW"..Act now on MORALE values we follow, I follow, as my resolution. 
Everyday ACT on something which we like from bottom of the heart..Act against Injustice we face everyday. Change ourselves everyday..Be what we want other to be..
You know I like YOUNG blood, young generations now, they are quite fresh, innocent and not burdened and garbaged with these impotent morale values. They listen to us carefully as they are still blank. All so called Experienced people do not listen, they just pauses in between vomit. 
But young seeds are different. If something they find honest and correct, they ACT. They help their friends. They care each other. and lets recall we were also the same in that age..Isn't it? All this professionalism just made us mad for money and cunning..Mind you not WISE, I am saying Cunning..We became a caricature of ourselves..And this way we can not change ourselves and so this World! and I foresee that Both are getting close to one destination i.e. death..
Wake up Seed..Everyday post about what you ACTED upon rather than morale lectures..Lets make the difference..A different you only can make the difference! Do not think who else is doing it with you or not, if you and me, other will also come, because then the voice of soul will be louder to them.. 
I started! Dropped a mail to President of India regarding poor situations of farmers! Pick up a issue from around, think on that, brainstorm it and then lets chase it!

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  1. आज और यह पल..बस यही प्रारम्भ है...


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