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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Letter to all Media Houses

Dear Sir/Madam,

I respect your rights to telecast what People of India, can consume as news content and so I do not raise any voice if show some PROGRAM on Nirmal Baba or astrology BABA or Movie Stars, but if you consider yourself FORTH pillar of Democracy as MEDIA, I feel you have a responsibility to show MIRROR to everybody, unbiased. 

On this ground, I would request you to cover rationally the Movement against Corruption, which you have covered time to time and exposed many faces. 

These people, like Arvind Kejriwal are not Psycho, they are well educated from highest Institution of India like IIT and shown their capability by passing one of highest and toughest examination of India that is IAS, I am sure, you are pretty aware of it and this means when they are on SATYAGRAH without eating anything, threatening to their own life, means THERE IS SOMETHING VERY SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM. What is wrong, I think you are well aware and better equipped to know more than me. 

So taking a small step will decide, what message we want to give to our coming generations and what kind of SYSTEM we want to give them.

You all guys are pretty smart and full of wisdom so can take a call, being a citizen of this Country, I want to give CLEAN and Better India, and a India which is full of equal opportunity to my generations, and that is why thought to write you about this.

Please think and if your consciousness allow, ACT, act unbiased! 

Note: I have sent this letter to their email ids in the spirit of being the responsible citizen of India!


  1. सच है, मीडिया के पास वह शक्ति है जो सच को सच दिखा सकती है।

  2. Great, I respect your sentiments Rahul and since Media is continuously losing their credibility, I believe Bloggers and Micro-bloggers like you are the real voice of people these days.


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